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I am a natural medium and intuitive, or as Lady Gaga would say, I was born this way.  From a young age, I have been enchanted by the spirit world, or more accurately the universe that we are part of. 


I always had this feeling as though I did not quite fit in with the ordinary, I feel more comfortable being on the periphery of social situations, observing behavior and feeling the energy from my company. 


When I have the honor of providing readings for my amazing sitters, I deliver the messages in a relaxed, and sometime humorous way as to put you at ease and get the most out of the experience.   


For over ten years, I have been connecting with the Spirit World to bring you messages of love and hope from your loved ones. I am passionate about providing you with meaningful evidence and truly special moments with your guides and loved ones, so that you can move forward in your life knowing that their spirit is with you. ​

I am also able to help you enhance your own psychic mediumship abilities and offer Psychic Development Mentorship.  We are all capable of connecting with spirit, I help my clients to embrace their spiritual gifts and awaken to a greater consciousness. My guidance provides a unique pathway to higher awareness and healing, allowing you to connect with your own universal current and access the power of love. Join me in unlocking the mysteries of the universe and discovering a new level of self-awareness.


Please note it is a legal requirement in the UK to state that Demonstrations of Mediumship are for entertainment purposes only.

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