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I am a natural medium and intuitive, or as Lady Gaga would say, I was born this way.  From a young age, I have been enchanted by the spirit world, or more accurately the universe that we are part of. 


I always had this feeling as though I did not quite fit in with the ordinary, I feel more comfortable being on the periphery of social situations, observing behavior and feeling the energy from my company. 


When I have the honor of providing readings for my amazing sitters, I deliver the messages in a relaxed, and sometime humorous way as to put you at ease and get the most out of the experience.   


​For many years, I have been connecting with the Spirit World to bring you messages of love and hope from your loved ones. I am passionate about providing you with meaningful evidence and truly special moments with your guides and loved ones, so that you can move forward in your life knowing that their spirit is with you. ​

I am also able to help you along with your own spiritual journey, by starting where you are stuck, that thing that keeps holding you back, or that thing you keep doing hoping for a different outcome.  We are all capable of connecting with spirit, I help you to heal and discover your own spiritual path and connect to a greater consciousness. With my support and healing,  we can work together to find your own unique pathway to higher awareness of self, allowing you to connect with your own universal current and access the power of love. Join me in unlocking the mysteries of the universe and discovering a new level of self-awareness.​


Please note it is a legal requirement in the UK to state that Demonstrations of Mediumship are for entertainment purposes only.

Kamal, CA

When I started working with Ben, I had no idea what to expect. Clearly I was struggling with stuff and felt stuck on a few things in life and was looking for an out of the box way to get out of it, since traditional methods weren’t working.


Ben wasn’t able to explain what he would do, and I was hesitant at first. However, I decided to try it and within a couple sessions I was able to see exactly how Ben’s method (or lack of it) works! Working with him has given me a lot of peace, validated (and invalidated) many of my assumptions and plans, and has been able to add an element of confidence in decisions that I’m making now. He is able to accurately read my state of mind and respond clearly with what it is I’m struggling with and how I could respond to it. He is always clear that eventually it’s my choice what I do with his information, but rarely is that information hard to work with. When I describe to others what I experience with Ben, it seems too good to be true or too fantastical, but yet when it’s happening to you, it feels natural and obvious. Many of my friends have started working with him too with similar results. I’d highly recommend it if you’re struggling with big decisions coming up, or generally feel stuck in life."

Milly, UK

"That was fabulous I can’t thank you enough! It really spoke to me and just what I needed. There has been some change in my life and it’s lovely to know I’m on the right path."
Liz, UK
Thanks Ben. That was very good and a few things you said was very true to me. I really appreciate that.
Georgina, UK
Thank you so so much!  I must admit I got a bit teary! 
Penny, UK
I’m so happy I found Ben, he gave me exactly what I needed at the right time. He provided me with reassurance and guidance on my spiritual path, and his gentle guided meditations made me feel open and connected, yet still in control. He was also able to tell me some messages from my mum, who passed away recently, which helped me a lot. I’m very much looking forward to working with him again!

Ann, Denver

I have greatly enjoyed working with Ben to sort through my thoughts and trust and understand what my gut has been telling me. Often the answers are all in there it's just a matter of coaxing them out.  More so than traditional therapy I think the “spiritual suggestion” of guiding someone to the personal work they need to do to evolve their thinking has been enlightening.
I enjoyed working on my own abilities and know that it's a process that is hard to go alone. There is no need to - and Ben is lovely company to sort it out with and not feel alone.

Thank you!

Amanda, UK

“Ben spent time to understand my energy and connected with my spirit guides, he helped me to develop my own spirit work and I look forward to the next workshop”
Debbie, UK



Ben I honestly can’t thank you enough for connecting to my spirit. It was what I needed and all true. The Random eye flickering still gets me. 


Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie

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